Glenside Bible Church

Glenside Bible Church Adoption of the Kyrgyz People...More

Valley Baptist Church adopts the Mixteco People of Mexico

The inspiring story of the Valley Baptist Church having adopted the Mixteco people of Oaxaco Mexico and after visiting them in Mexico and finding some of them living only 25 from their Church in California....More

Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church Adopt the Aringa People

​Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) is a congregation of approximately 1500 members, with weekend attendance of approximately 1000. It has an active missions program with an annual budget approaching $300,000 and supporting approximately thirty missionaries (partial support). Interest in adopting an "unreached people group" grew out of the class here...More

Joy in the Journey Towards Adoption! Crossroads Christian Church Adopts the Yous, a Turkic People

​Though Crossroads Christian Church has been praying and researching the possibility of adopting an unreached people group for the past two years, God had been working behind the scenes preparing our church from even before this church was planted in Vacaville. Seeing God's hand in leading us to adopt has made this an exciting spiritual journey. We are hoping it will help us not on...More

Evangelical Covenant Churches in Greater Grand Rapids Michigan Adopt the Issaan People

In 1995, the mission journals and newsletters contained many challenges to local U.S. churches suggesting the adoption of a people group within the 10/40 Window. Prompted by these reminders of Biblical commands and challenges a group of laymen and pastors from the Mission Committees of Evangelical Covenant Churches in Greater Grand Rapids Michigan established a theme for their...More

Cedar Springs Presbyterian adopts four peoples

When Mac Sells, Missions Pastor of Cedar Springs Presbyterian church in Knoxville, Tennessee, called the Mobilization Division of the U.S. Center for World Mission seven years ago, he had a problem, but today as a result of taking action on information provided by the Adopt-A-People program his church and the Tuvin people and other unreached peoples have been greatly blessed...More